Toss and Turn

from Awake Night by Marley Starskey Butler



Take your time,
you will find, in every line
a fence to climb.
When you fear all that's near,
your thoughts resign.
When you're scared and unprepared
for life's design.

Tell your friends that you are fine,
avoiding all that talk.
Running into obstacles
when you would rather walk.
The people around your shell
in tiny webs they're caught.

Toss and turn
all you learn when crimes adjourned,
your mind will burn.
And the flames pick up their speed.
When patience is all you need.
You are grateful for all the opposites,
clashing with all you read.

So take your time

words jumping off the page,
enticed by an empty rage,
whispering in syllables
through the ear of a shaking cage

so take your time


from Awake Night, released September 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Naplew Productions | Discography England, UK

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