Isolated Opposites

from by Sagan Lane



No past, no future
Ready to deconstruct again
To a new state
Where all is gained, nothing is lost
As there is no beginning, no end

On the threshold, only transformation

Teaspoon of certainties and doubts
A pinch of tension
To get this stirring
I invite my thoughts and feelings
At the table
Like a guest to sit with
and have a glass of wine

On the threshold, only transformation

Mr.Rage, Mrs.Fine, Take a seat Mr.Daydream,
Take a seat Mr.Remembering
Take a seat Lady Thinking please
Take a seat Lady Play

Isolated Opposites
Please Greet

They`re undressing their nightgowns
Putting on a new combination
They`ve shown themselves naked

With presence, I`m crossing boundaries

I surrender


from Funambule, released March 3, 2011


all rights reserved



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Over time people enter, people leave, people take breaks, and people have creative sprees.

Naplew artists create when they have to create, when the time is right, with complete freedom.
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